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Re: Bryce

Dealership Review by: Bruce T.


I just wanted to take a minute to commend your shop foreman Bryce for the exceptional customer service he provided to me on my two recent visits there.

I took my 2013 Genesis sedan in for it's 24000 service and a concern I had with the front parking sensors not functioning correctly. Bryce explained to me that the sensors checked out ok, however I had mentioned it was an intermittent problem, sometimes every day then not for a week etc. He told me he would create a file and send it to Hyundai for authorization to replace the sensors. He phoned me at home at home( I think it was the same day) to say it had been approved and that the parts would be ordered.

The parts arrived quickly and today(Nov 15) I took my car in for the job to be done. While in the waiting room Bryce once again came out and explained in detail what was being done and to please let him know personally if I had any further issues with the front sensors.

I find his attention to detail commendable and ask that you pass along my sincere thanks to him, as I did not get a chance to see him again before I left.

Thanks Again.

Re: Molly Grayson

Dealership Review by: Sophia H.

I have been doing all of my services at Hyundai in Richmond, and I am always greeted by Molly. I am always explained very clearly what needs to happen, and what I should not be concerned about. Sure I can spend less somewhere else, but I feel confident when I drop my car off at Hyundai that it will be done properly and honestly.

Re: Service Department

Dealership Review by: Michelle P.

It was my first experience servicing my car and it was great! The people were very friendly and efficient. :)

Re: Robyn Sheppard

Dealership Review by: Hay P.

My advisor was very professional and courteous. It was a very pleasant experience taking my vehicle there for servicing.

Re: Matt Leung & Robyn Sheppard

Dealership Review by: Louise H.

We chatted with the service manager/representative before retrieving our car. Very pleasant and nice to deal with.

Re: Service Department & Ben Bagherzadeh

Dealership Review by: Navin V.

Really great service and our salesperson (Ben) was really friendly and straightforward when he was dealing with us (both me and my girlfriend bought cars from the dealership in the gap of 2 days).

Re: Service Department

Dealership Review by: Douglas A.

The staff are always friendly and explain in detail as to what is to be done in simple and understandable terms.

Re: Matt Leung & Robyn Sheppard

Dealership Review by: Kevin N.

Matt & Robyn have been very helpful in getting my issues resolved; always offered me a loaner car even if it was for an extended period of time.

Re: Daniel Custodio

Dealership Review by: Chantelle D.

Daniel C is an absolute pleasure to deal with. He has always listened to my concerns and always found a solution, when others were not able to do so. Extremely professional and helpful.

Re: Greg Dowsell

Dealership Review by: Walter B.

Recently, I equipped my Equus with a new set of summer tires (Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3) which were installed and balanced by another dealer on my original summer wheels. After a couple of weeks, on an occasion of driving at higher speed for a short burst (120 - 130 km/hr), I noticed vibration emanating from the front wheels. I brought this to the attention of Greg Dowswell at OpenRoad Hyundai and he offered to check it out. They proceeded to submit the front wheels to diagnostics for "Road Force Variation" (a higher level of diagnostics than normal wheel balancing) thereby identifying that the right front tire itself was not in perfect balance at high speed rotation. The service department proceeded to correct the situation to bring the rotational lateral forces within necessary limits to eliminate the vibration at high speeds. Although this was not a matter that was required of the OpenRoad Dealership, they came through with their usual performance to earn my "Service with Excellence" stars.

I look forward to taking my car in for service because I take great interest not only in my car but to follow developments in the auto industry. At this dealership and their Service Department, I can discuss small details to be tweaked and get total satisfaction - they have earned my respect and my commendation.

Re: Molly

Dealership Review by: Suzanne L.

Staff always great at this location. Molly goes above and beyond to make sure that everything is done correctly and efficiently..great service place, Thanks!

Re: OpenRoad Hyundai

Dealership Review by: Steven F.

I've serviced my car at this dealership, since my purchase last year. I've been extremely impressed and satisfied with the parts and service staff. Keep up the great work!

Re: Molly & Lisa

Dealership Review by: Denise S.

I changed to this dealership from another Hyundai dealer where I initially purchased my car. I had such a bad experience at the prior dealership and I am very happy with the service at the Richmond dealership. Molly, and Lisa whom I deal with when I book for any service etc are excellent to deal with. I am happy!

Re: OpenRoad Hyundai

Dealership Review by: Twyla W.

This is not the dealership closest to where my car broke down but because of my previous experience with the service department I insisted on having my car brought to this location.

Re: OpenRoad Hyundai

Dealership Review by: Maureen P.

Had to return for warranty work which was noted at the service. As I do not live locally this presented me with some difficulty, but I did not consider this anything which the dealership could do anything about. I was provided with a courtesy car and everything possible was done to make it easy for me.

Re: OpenRoad Hyundai

Dealership Review by: Candance R.

The staff was diligent about contacting me when the part arrived. They called me several times to make it work for me. Very friendly competent people. Highly recommend this service department.

Re: Lisa

Dealership Review by: Simon L.

Lisa was fantastic... helpful, courteous and professional.

Re: Molly

Dealership Review by: Karen R.

We have dealt with OpenRoad Hyundai since 2010 and have been very happy with the customer service. Molly the lady we have dealt with has been so great, friendly, quick to get back to us about what is going on with the car and really helpful in all aspects of our car maintenance

Re: Daniel

Dealership Review by: Gail C.

All of the service people are courteous and professional. Daniel in particular was a pleasure to deal with.

Re: Molly Grayson

Dealership Review by: Wendy G.

For many years I have had Volvos and a few years ago changed to a Honda. I have always maintained my cars very well, always on time with my six monthly services.

I ended up needing an SUV (I rescued a standard poodle and needed a larger vehicle!) I have the great pleasure of driving and owning the Hyundai Veracruz, wonderful vehicle it say the least.

As you can imagine I have taken my cars many many times for a service over the years, but none have ever given me the customer service I have received from the Molly Grayson.

I myself have been a manager in retail for eighteen years and am aware of the importance of customer service.

Molly gives the most amazing customer service with excellent product knowledge. To trust someone and like them are two very important factors in the service industry and with my dealing with her I am getting both from the very best.

I feel Molly maintains my car !!

I look forward to dealing with Hyundai and look forward to seeing and dealing with Molly.

Re: Greg Dowswell

Dealership Review by: Joe Z.

I am writing because of my very positive experience with Greg Dowswell. After some very bad dealings with the Langley Hyundai Service Department, I lost hope in finding honest and professional dealer service. I am considering a new vehicle over the next 12-15 months and thought I would try GM after dealing with the local Hyundai people.

I know Arthur Lui well and asked him for a contact at OpenRoad Hyundai to fix a door lock problem that was driving me crazy, and which Langley Hyundai quoted a crazy repair bill for. Greg fixed the problems for me and went the extra mile. He let me borrow his vehicle and drove my car in to work on two occasions. NEVER had I experienced service from a dealer like Greg Dowswell provided. It was awesome and I have renewed hope in finding a long-term vehicle partner to give my business to.

I have worked as a consultant for the past 30+ years and I am appalled at what some people call service. Greg Dowswell clearly understands the meaning of exceptional customer service and I do hope you will reward him for his diligence and great work. Many thanks.

Re: Greg Dowswell

Dealership Review by: Renee P.

Yesterday, in White Rock at Semiamhoo Mall, you stopped and helped my son and I with his car that needed a jump start. Not only did you volunteer to take the time to help us , but you actually gave us an education on the do's and don'ts of what to do in this situation. I just wanted to say thank you once again and that I hope your dealership knows how lucky they are to have a such a kind person like you working them. Have a great weekend.

Re: Lisa Wong

Dealership Review by: Robert Q.

I am writing you to let you know that Lisa provided excellent service with my car requiring repairs on Saturday.

I brought in my 2009 Santa Fe for a #3 service and planned to wait for 1.5 hours. After inspection of the car, Lisa explained that all of my brake pads and all of my rotors should be replaced because of rust. In the end my car service would cost more than anticipated and would take more time than I had planned. On the expense side, Lisa showed me the parts of my car that required replacement. On the time front, she suggested a shuttle to central Richmond, but when she saw that my 85 year old neighbour had accompanied me to this service appointment, she offered a courtesy car so that I could drive my neighbour back to his home and return later to pick up my repaired car. (My older neighbour no longer drives, but he continues to think about cars and driving them, so he eagerly accepted a morning trip to see the many cars at OpenRoad.)

Lisa's actions made it easier for me to understand the service work that was required and she also thought about what she could do to help me because I was responsible for my neighbour's well-being at the same time. That was excellent service and thoughtful. I would be very happy if the staff in my office displayed these service qualities for our clients.

Re: Molly Grayson

Dealership Review by: Denning I.

Exceptional service by Molly. I had a long standing problem with my bluetooth and had not been able to get it resolved. Molly took charge and made it a priority to get this issue fixed once and for all. Can't think of a better service treatment by anyone in years. She will be my go to gal in the future. She was very professional, friendly and extremely efficient. Hyundai is lucky to have her. Great customer service experience- and one very pleased customer.

Re: Molly

Dealership Review by: ORHY customer

I am pleased with the service being done on my SUV. Very polite and friendly staff - Molly, excellent job.

Re: Matt & Molly

Dealership Review by: ORHY customer

I would like to make a special comment about Matt and Molly. Both have been with us since our ownership of our Hyundai and have given us the straight details and made each interaction with Hyundai excellent. Both have also been involved in any extra calls we have had to make to clarify the operation of our car. While I can't even remember the name of the person who sold us the car, Matt and Molly stick out as exceptional employees.

Re: Molly Grayson, Bernie Sabloff, & Jordan Rasmussen

Dealership Review by: Vladimir K.

From the day that I purchased my car, everything has been perfect. I've dealt with three people since I first walked in and want to mention them by name because they deserve to be acknowledged for their professionalism. In terms of purchasing my car, Bernie and Jordan were treat to deal with. And Molly was the person who helped me out when I brought my car in for service and she was great! Everything about my experience with Hyundai at the Richmond Auto Mall has been perfect

so far. Thank you!

Re: Ben Begherzadeh

Dealership Review by: Joanne A.

I would like you to be aware of the excellent service I received from Mr. Ben Bagherzadeh. Ben's manner was very polished and professional, yet friendly. He knew his products thoroughly and would go out of his way to accommodate my requests. When I approached your showroom, I was considering several other possibilities. But as a result of this experience, the product itself, and your attractive financing, I ended up purchasing a 2013 Hyundai Elantra and couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again!

Re: Sunny Bagri

Dealership Review by: Chris H.

I wanted to write you as we were so impressed with Sunny's knowledge of the different Hyundai models. We came in considering the Accent (mostly because it looked efficient enough. Efficiency was my biggest factor and styling, comfort, and drive quality were my fiancee's biggest factors). Sunny asked about all of the different cars that we were considering and we had done a lot of research online so I was impressed with him being able to answer all of our questions. We had visited five different dealerships that week to test drive eight cars and he was the best sales person we've met by far! He was so good that we are considering the Elantra to be one of the top five cars in our short list. We still have some looking to do as we're not planning to buy until November/early December but Sunny made Hyundai one of the leading options and we will be back for a second test drive when we get it narrowed down to three. Great work and thank you!

Re: Sunny Bagri

Dealership Review by: David G. & Stephanie W.

I'm just writing to inform you of the exceptional service we received from Sunny Bagri. He was very informative and helpful. Also, he took his time to answer all of our questions (which were many). Because of my late work hours, he told me that I could call him any time (until midnight) with any questions that I had. When we did, he was extremely polite and enthusiastic at all times. I feel that he went above and beyond to help us pick out a used car that met our needs and budget. We spend the day shopping at the Richmond Auto Mall, and he was by far the most helpful and genuine sales person that we dealt with that day and at least part of the reason why we decided to buy a car from OpenRoad Hyundai. Because of his service, we will definitely be back and will refer our friends to him. Thank you for the great service!

Re: Greg Dowswell

Dealership Review by: Ildiko P.

Hi There! I want to take this opportunity to recognize Greg and Winston for helping me with the issue I had with my rack. It appears to be too low to the ground and every time I come in and out of the parking lot or go over a speed bump it hits the bike rack, tears the straps, and wrecks the chains on our bikes. Two bike stores have said that the rack I have is too low and too long. They've also said that the design was never meant to be put on my kind of vehicle but more for a vehicle like a F150 that sits up high. Greg tried to find another solution and offered for me to get the rack off of a demo. He was going to custom fit it to fit my car and promised that I would get my money back if the end result was unacceptable. Although I wasn't really thrilled with the rack I received due to the way it looked, Greg really did try his best to resolve this problem on more than one occasion. I really like Greg; he is honest, reputable, and very knowledgeable. He's just a wonderful person and I actually like going to visit him (Even just all the little things that he does). I like that even when he's busy, he'll stop whatever he's doing, and make time to look at my vehicle. As far as a Hyundai product, I love my SUV and do not have any buyer's remorse what so ever. I love it more and more everyday and so do all my friends and family. They love the quality and that it's so comfy on my long trips. It handles very well on corners, is a little jumpy initially when taking off, but is overall a smooth ride. I never once considered a Hyundai but now I'm hooked. Thank you so for your excellent customer service Greg. I look forward to seeing you again for my upcoming appointment.

Re: OpenRoad Hyundai

Dealership Review by: Nico D.

I dealt with Molly at the Service Desk and I wanted to let you know that she was friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and effective. Five stars!

Re: OpeRoad Hyundai

Dealership Review by: Don & Jean B.

We just wanted to thank you for the most delightful evening that we spent with you. Dealing with the OpenRoad Auto Group has always been a good experience for us. We have purchased a total of three cars from your Auto Group (all of which have either been a Hyundai or a Toyota). We have always been more than happy with the help and service that we received. The social evening was just so pleasant in terms of the fine food and music that my BMW friends are green with envy! Thanks again!

Re: OpenRoad Hyundai

Dealership Review by: Doug M.

I would like to thank the entire team for making the purchase of the Veracruz and trade-in of my old vehicle happen. You guys were excellent to work with and thank you for being so patient. Also, your two ladies who worked out the financing and paper work were very good to work with as was the car insurance fellow. One significant thing stood out in my mind that I want to make you aware of. The young fellow that you have replacing licence plates etc. came in to see which licence plates from my old cars were to go on to the new vehicle. He took the old licence plates out to the new vehicle and I saw him stop and look at the licence plates that he was to put onto the new Veracruz. He did not put the plates on right away and went some place for a while. As far as I can figure out he went and polished those dirty old plates. They look as new as the vehicle. Getting that type of independent engagement takes great patience and leadership. Congratulations to the entire team. Nice to see such great work and customer service! Thank you!

Re: Larry Cho

Dealership Review by: Dr. & Mrs. A.

My wife and I want to thank you for the wonderful Saturday evening at Country Meadows Golf Club. The reception was a pleasure, the music by the Seoul symphony musicians was wonderful, and the dinner was excellent. Congratulations for putting on such a delightful evening and thank you again for including us.

Re: The Entire Dealership!

Dealership Review by: Walter B.

Saturday's customer recognition dinner event at the Country Meadows Golf Course was a most enjoyable experience - the Seoul Philharmonic Ensemble was a high-class pairing for this occasion. This event certainly cemented the relationship between OpenRoad Hyundai and a loyal customer base. The weekend enjoyment reached its high with an absolutely outstanding performance of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra at Vancouver's Orpheum. The sponsoring relationship Hyundai Motors enjoys with this great world-class orchestra shines a spotlight on excellence and outstanding quality both parties value. Thank you OpenRoad Hyundai Richmond and Hyundai Canada for this wonderful weekend experience.

Re: Jordan Rasmussen

Dealership Review by: Lindsay H.

I just wanted to personally thank you for your exceptional service you gave my friend and I yesterday (especially since you came in on your day off to help us). You made it fun and easy to purchase a car and I learned so much on the run through of how the car works since I didn't get that same service with the Surrey location. It's pretty funny how you taught me about the options available in my car almost 4 months after I bought it from the Surrey Location (who didn't even bother to take the time to show me). I will keep referring you to my friends and family because your service was above and beyond your job description. Your personality and knowledge has built trust very quickly with my friends, my family, and myself. It was an absolute pleasure working with you! My friend Kelsie and her family were so impressed with your service and wanted to let you know that they too enjoyed your company throughout the process of purchasing their vehicle. I am grateful my brother referred you to me so I can refer my friends to the same great service. We look forward to working with you in the future and I can't thank you enough!

Re: Matt Leung

Dealership Review by: Elaine L.

I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize Matt for his outstanding customer service! Matt went above and beyond to ensure that I had an alternate mode of transportation while my car was being serviced. He also went out of his way to acquire the alternator that I needed (even if that meant sending out a driver to pick it up all the way in Abbotsford!). Through his actions, there were no interruptions in my life while I was waiting for my car to be fixed. The end result was a happy Hyundai customer! Our family appreciates what he did for us, and we will not hesitate to recommend him and the dealership to anyone who asks! Well done Matt!

Re: Excellent Service

Dealership Review by: Sherry Locken

I noticed that i didn't have any brake lights. I found out it was the brake relay switch, so I dropped in to see you had one in stock. Well, Robyn was the one who helped me. She looked up my car and told me that I was still under warranty and that it would probably be covered. I thought that I would have to make an appointment and come back another day to get this fixed. But Robyn got my car in straight away and got it fixed.

She is one of the most pleasant service reps i have come across. She put the "S" in service.

I just wanted to let you know you definitely have a keeper there.


Re: OpenRoad Hyundai

Dealership Review by: R.D.White

I bought my Hyundai in for a minor matter and Greg looked after it and completed the paper work (which I expected to do myself). This saved me a good deal of time and effort and I sincerely appreciate his extra efforts. I have already mentioned this matter to friends. Thank you.

Re: OpenRoad Hyundai

Dealership Review by: Julianah & Anna Aramil

Ricky Tai & Sandra Rayson: My family and I would like to thank your staff for the best service ever. I especially would like to compliment Ricky Tai for being such a wonderful sales and leasing advisor. The most impressive thing about dealing business with Ricky is that he remembered our names even though we have not been in your dealership in almost a year. The best part of our experience at your dealership is how attentive Ricky was to what we needed and wanted. We didn't feel pressured, we didn't feel rushed, we felt respected. For these reasons, thank you, Ricky. Lastly, I would also like to thank Sandra, for finding us the financing we needed. She should be commended for the fact that she worked hard that day even with so many clients trying to get financing. It was a long wait for us, but in the end Sandra made sure we left with big smiles on our faces (we did and we're still smiling). Thank you OpenRoad Hyundai for all your help.

Re: Allen Isidro

Dealership Review by: Shea Miles & Kathy H

It was a pleasure working with you yesterday. You were a delight. Your friendly, informative, non-pushy manner made us feel like we were being treated fairly. The extra touch of acknowledging Kathy's birthday was quite a surprise and continues to put a smile on our faces even today. That evening we relayed our story to our friends and recommended you and OpenRoad Hyundai to them. Please thank the rest of the staff who we interacted with yesterday.

Re: Service Team

Dealership Review by: Deon S.

Service Team Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the service today. Your team was extremely professional and friendly. As a person in the customer service industry, it is nice to be dealing with a place that "gets it". Well done.

Re: Tina

Dealership Review by: Heather and Terri

Thanks so much for all your help. Especially for going above and beyond to ensure we were approved for financing. Thanks, Heather and Terri

Re: Greg

Dealership Review by: Marcus Stiller

We had a shaky start to the issues with my Sante Fe, but after dealing with Greg I am pleased to say that we are more than satisfied with the service we received, Greg is a phenomenal customer service person, it is an absolute pleasure dealing with him, he is extremely knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. My faith is somewhat restored. Thank you Marcus Stiller

Re: Chris, Praf & Tina

Dealership Review by: Darcy H.

I would like to say "Thank You" for a very enjoyable car purchase experience at your dealership. I was very impressed with the way Chris & Praf conducted themselves. They displayed a great deal of professionalism. Chris & Tina were very helpful and willing to go the extra mile, and that is what I look for when purchasing vehicles, and believe me we have purchased many over the years.

Re: Nav

Dealership Review by: Daniel & Kari S.

After a few hours pursuing the many dealerships having no luck finding a car to our liking, we visited OR Hyundai, to test drive an Elantra. Nav approached us and was very personable and attentive to our needs and concerns. His knowledge of the automobile's features, and the applicable promotions were impressive. In short, his behavior and expertise were bar none, the best we experienced all day, across many dealerships.

Re: Nav Patheja

Dealership Review by: Barry & Noreen B.

We purchased a Santa Fe from ORHY. We appreciate the fact that Nav Patheja was very knowledgeable about the vehicle. We found him very pleasant and engaging. We would recommend him and OpenRoad to anyone looking for a new Hyundai. Thank you for the great service! Barry & Noreen B.

Re: Matt & Greg

Dealership Review by: Jill

I just wanted to thank you so very much for the beautiful gift basket that was waiting for me when I picked my car up after servicing. I really appreciated your thoughtfulness and generosity. Thank you once again for making the appropriate arrangements with Matt so that my scuffguard could be applied when I was there. I was also impressed with Greg in the Service area who was able to assist me with a couple of questions I had re: my bluetooth phone. I appreciated that he took the time to explain things to me. I asked him to pass on my gratitude to Matt for the service in general that I received on my 1st visit to his Department. Today when I received a follow-up call from OpenRoad asking me to comment on the service I received, I told her it was exceptional. I hope Matt will receive this feedback. My experience with yourself and the Service department has reinforced my desire to continue my service follow-ups with OpenRoad Hyundai. It is worth the travel across two bridges :-) Once again, thank you so much for your assistance in getting things done in a very professional manner!

Re: OpenRoad Hyundai

Dealership Review by: Grant Crossley

Good Morning, I would just like to let you know how accommodating you're Sales and Business team was with getting my new Accent. I like how the sales manager sits outside in the showroom; it makes everything more open and approachable. Nav, did a great job, wasn't pushy and was very friendly. I also met one of your other agents briefly, I believe it was Bernie! If I hadn't bought from Nav I would have wanted to work with him, he had a great attitude. Even your Insurance agent Neil was great to work with. We did have some difficulties with the financing but that was quickly resolved, and your finance department can only do so much. Sandra and Antonina did everything they could but it was really out of their hands. I called up the bank and advised them they would not be getting my investments if this deal did not go through and I would cut off my dealings with them. Thanks again and look forward to working with your dealership in the future. PS. The best part of the deal was the free desk calander I was able to get. You can send me a couple new ones every year. Please open a dealership in Tri Cities, so I dont have to come to Richmond to have the service done. Or is it possible I could go to the Port Moody mazda and have the service done. I have had previous service work done and the Service advisors are very easy to work with. Not only would I bring my car for regular serviceing I would also bring my moms, 2009 Tuscon.

Re: Jordan Rasmussen

Dealership Review by: Paula Wolf

Hi Barry I purchased my new Hyundai, Tuscon about a week ago. Firstly, I love the vehicle it is amazing! My previous SUV was a BMW X3. Althought the Tuscon has less power it drives and corners beautifully. All the interior storage and buttons exceed the X3. I feel like I have an SUV with style!! I first approached Jordan about buying a car in December. I mentioned that I would have cash in January, to go through with the purchase. His knowledge of the Sante Fe and the Tuscon was impressive. After discussions with Jordan, it was decided the Tuscon would suit my lifestyle better. I come from a sales background myself, I was a realtor for eight years. I have seen many salespeople over the years. Jordan, is outstanding! He goes above and beyond just selling a vehicle. When my Tuscon was ready for pick up, I had to return my BMW sedan to my condo in Steveston. Jordan did not hesitate to follow me home to drop off the BMW and then head back to the dealership. Jordan is courteous, knowledgeable and a true gentleman. Cheers!

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